What To Do If Mailbox Is Vandalized?


Mailbox vandalism is a serious issue for many homeowners. If your mailbox has been vandalized, you may be wondering what to do. It is important to call the police and let them know about the vandalism. The police will want to document the crime and may need to take pictures of the scene. It is also important to let your mail carrier know about the vandalism. If you have a lock on your mailbox, make sure you are using it. It is a good idea to install a new mailbox, as this may be a repeated issue.

In order to have a mailbox vandalized, there must be a lot of planning and effort. This type of vandalism is typically not random. You may have had a run-in with someone in the neighborhood or have a neighbor who is jealous of your mailbox. You may have a business or may be in the political spotlight. This type of vandalism is usually not spontaneous.

The mailbox is vandalized. If you have not reported the vandalism to the police, do so immediately. Report the vandalism to the postal service and they will provide a temporary mailbox. If you are unable to contact the postal service, please contact your local government office. They will be able to provide a temporary mailbox.

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