Mailbox Height Requirements


If you’re confused about standard mailbox height and its rules and regulations this article will help you to inform all the information regarding it.

Mailbox height is a very important thing that you need to consider while installing your mailbox. If you do not follow USPS standards you might not get your mail properly or any interruption could happen to your service.

What Are Standard Mailbox Height Requirements?

According to United States Postal Service (USPS) official, mailbox height should be between 41 inches to 45 inches above the ground level of the mailbox post. The measurement should be calculated based on the bottom of the post to the bottom of a mailbox where hinge is located.

This height level is defined to make your mail delivery safe and secure. Also, it helps mail delivery person to quickly and easily drop or pick up your mail from their delivery vehicle.

If you place your mailbox too high or too low than the standard height it will be difficult for the mail carrier’s to deliver your mail. The standard height is defined by USPS as per their mail carrier’s vehicle height and other factors. So you should follow this standard to keep your mailbox career happy.

What are Rural mailbox height Requirements?

For rural mailboxes, the height regulation is the same as city or urban dwellers, the mailbox height should be between 41 inches – 45 inches from the surface of the road to the bottom of your mailbox where the mailbox entry point is located.

The same USPS rules mailbox height rules apply to rural areas and city areas so keep that in mind and install the mailbox properly by following standard mailbox height.

Mailbox Height from Ground

Mailbox height from the ground can be anywhere between 41 inches to 45 inches, However, we recommend you to place it at 45 inches above the ground to minimize the chances of a mailbox being struck by the plow truck’s wing.

Mailbox Height from Ground
Mailbox Height from Ground

Mailbox Height Visual Explanation

Mailbox Height Requirements

As you can see in the image above, the mailbox is placed between 41 – 45” up from the ground surface. So mail carrier’s vehicle can easily reach to mailbox and person can directly reach mailbox from their vehicle.

Curb Placement

For curb placement, USPS has defined guidelines to place your mailbox 6” to 8” from the curb. If you do not have raised curb then you can put your mailbox 6 – 8 inches back to the road edge. However, in case if not have a curb better to contact the local post office for more guidance.

Your mailbox should also maintain proper width from the curb or road edge for convenient delivery of your mail.

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Final Words

To keep getting happy mail you need to follow certain guidelines defined by USPS as they manage all the mailbox so they have defined mailbox type, size, height, etc. to make their process standard and secure.

I hope this article on mailbox height surely helped you to solve your doubts about it. Make sure to read it properly and install it with standards for better services from the mail carriers.

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