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If you’re considering buying a mailbox you’ve probably got lots of questions – how do I install a mailbox? Where will i install it? What are the USPS regulations? What’s best mailbox?

Well you’re in the right place. You’ll find all the answered below!

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Mailbox Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best mailbox?

Well, the answer depends upon your specific requirements like what type of mailbox you want wood or metal? small or large? simple or decorative one?

We have a guide for each of these on our site so make sure to check it out.

Should I buy a wood or metal mailbox?

If you have an existing metal post on your land then you can buy a metal mailbox. However, it’s your personal preference which one you want.

Through, if you want my advice then I would highly recommend a metal mailbox as it’s most durable, rust-resistant, and insect-resistant.

Can I install a mailbox to an existing post?

Yes, you can easily attach or install a mailbox to an existing post I have written a complete installation guide here.

What are the USPS Regulations for mailbox installation?

USPS defined certain rules for installing mailboxes, everyone should follow those guidelines to avoid stamp rejection.

Your mailbox height should maximum of 41-45 inches from the bottom. Your mailbox should be placed 6-8 inches back from the road edge.

Is It illegal to Park in Front of a Mailbox?

No, it’s not illegal to park in front of the mailbox. For more detail check out this article.

What is the Standard Mailbox Height Requirement?

We have written a detailed guide about mailbox height requirements which can help you to solve your queries better.