Is It illegal to Park in Front of a Mailbox?


There are a number of rules defined by USPS regarding mailbox services. These rules sound very weird at first, but they are there to help carriers to deliver and pick up mail to your mailbox at a time.

People are often in dilemma, about is it illegal to Park in Front of a Mailbox? If you’re one of those who want to clear this doubt from your mind then this article will surely help you.

Here, I have shade out many questions and tried to answer all of those so, you never break those rules, or even if it’s your mailbox you will get your mail accurately from carriers.

Is It illegal to Park in Front of a Mailbox?

No, It’s not illegal to park in front of the mailbox. However, it might depend on your federal or state’s rules about parking and obstructing mailboxes laws in your areas.

There are no such rules by USPS for the same. But if your mailbox is blocked by a car then you may face a hard time receiving your mail from the carrier. That forces you to reach near the post office to receive your mail.

In short, In most states, it’s not illegal to park in front of a mailbox. But, We advise you not to park any type of vehicle in front of the mailbox as it will keep mail away from you or anyone else due to obstructing mailboxes delivery.

Can You Get a Ticket for Parking in Front of Mailbox?

No, you won’t get a ticket or fine, when you park in front of your or someone else’s mailbox. There are no such rules defined by almost all major states. In fact, the post office can not fine you for the same.

But again, carriers might not deliver mail to the mailbox as a car blocking mailbox. So you shouldn’t do that in front of your mailbox or anyone else.

How many feet do you have to park away from a mailbox

You should park your vehicle 30 feet away from the mailbox so it helps carriers safely deliver mail to your mailbox. In general, there are no such rules about how many feet of space you should leave however, it’s good for you if you follow a 15-15 feet approach before and after the mailbox. It will enable mailmen to efficiently drop mail from their trucks and also reenter the road without reversing their vehicle.

What If My Neighbor Is Parking Car in Front of My Mailbox?

You could not take any legal action against your neighbor for parking their car or vehicle in front of your mailbox. However, as they are your neighbor they might cooperate if you politely talk to them for the same and ask to park their vehicle somewhere else safely. Just try to share your problem with them like how their car blocking your mailbox and carriers would not able to drop a mail.

This polite note, mostly solve your problem. However, if they refuse to do so then you should contact USPS regarding the same they might help.

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In Conclusion

Parking a car in front of a mailbox is not illegal but you should avoid that to keep getting your mails safely.

So, I hope this guide might help you to clear your doubts you can also check out our other article to explore more about the mailbox.

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