Is Hitting a Mailbox a Felony?


In this article, I have pointed out some really serious questions regarding hitting a mailbox. it’s a very common incident as the mailbox is often located at the corner of the road.

If you have hit anyone’s mailbox or your mailbox got hit by anyone else and you wanna know whether Is Hitting a Mailbox a Felony? Then you will surely get all answers to your question here. Make sure to check out all properly.

Is Hitting a Mailbox a Felony?

Hitting a mailbox accidentally is not a crime and a felony. However, if you intentionally hit or damage a mailbox then it’s a felony. Also, if anyone hit and run out of the spot of the incident then it’s a felony.

Hitting the mailbox accidentally is a minor accident, so should be reported to the mailbox owner or near local police for the same.

what to do if you hit a mailbox?

If you accidentally hit the mailbox then it’s your responsibility to contact the mailbox owner and tell them about this incident. If the mailbox owner is not available you can contact the police and share your incident they will make a report against this accident so you can go for an insurance claim or pay for a new mailbox or repair.

Because you’re contacting the owner or police for the accident it’s not a felony. That’s why never leave the place of the incident without shortening it out.

hit and run mailbox penalty

Mailbox damage is a federal offense so if someone hit and run the mailbox they could get a penalty of up to $250,000 or prison for up to three years for mailbox vandalism.

Mailbox is a really important property and comes under federal laws so should be reported to police or owner in order to avoid strict action and hefty penalties.

is destroying a mailbox a felony?

Yes, intentionally destroying a mailbox by car, bet, basketball, or anything else could be considered a felony because it’s a federal offense culprit get penalties and imprisoned for three years.

Advice: Never try to prank on anyone or even your own mailbox as it’s crime and you will face legal issues for the same.

Does car insurance cover hitting a mailbox?

Yes, hitting the mailbox could be covered under car insurance. To get the claim you should report the incident to the police so they prepare a report and you can submit it to auto insurance companies to get a claim.

Should you call the police if someone hits your mailbox?

If the party is ready to pay for the compensation you can sort it out without police. But we recommend you to call the police as it’s good for you and the party to get an insurance claim.

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I tried to answer all the questions about Hitting and damaging mailboxes. I hope this might help you to save from legal law action.

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