Ants in Mailbox: How to Get Rid of Ants in Mailbox


One morning you open your mailbox and are shocked by seeing ants in mailbox. Well, that’s very common and happened with all of us.

In this guide, I will try to explain how to get rid of ants in the mailbox with or without poisoning. So if you are finding the best way to keep ants out of the mailbox this will surely help.

How to Get Rid of Ants in Mailbox

To get rid of ants in the mailbox, You can try these steps.

  1. Leave mailbox Open for some time.
  2. Now, Clear out your mailbox if there is any ants there and their Eggs/Larvae too.
  3. Wash your mailbox inside and outside part with soap and water. (Before wash you can also try liquid disinfectant for better result)
  4. Put a fabric softener sheet on entrance holes of your mailbox.

ant eggs in mailbox

Sometimes due to heavy rain ants invade the mailbox to seek refuge. They can form a whole colony in your mailbox. And it can be dangerous if you don’t focus on getting ants rid of your mailbox. There are many types of ants, some can bite and sting you and can harm your mailbox post too.

You should try to get them away from your mailbox as soon as possible. As I discussed above you can try those steps to get rid of ants in the mailbox. However, there are also other ways by which you can move them out.

Will dryer sheets keep ants out of mailbox?

Yes, dryer sheet may help to keep ants out of the mailbox as it contains undiluted chemicals and fragrances. It’s a great way to protect your mailbox.

Place dryer sheet at the entrance home of your mailbox to work best.

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So these are some ways in which you can try to get rid of ants in mailbox.

Never place the food items in mailbox and if it’s there make sure to clean mailbox so ants might not attract to your mailbox.

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